Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Best Guava Juice In Muar!

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There is guava juice and there is the guava juice!  I had to make an entry about this particular guava juice before I totally forget about it!  This is because I will not be travelling by that neck of the woods anymore (knock on wood!) since my daughter has finished her Form Five in one of the schools over there!

But for the past two years, travelling to and fro Muar to visit my daughter, I have more often than not dropped by that small hawker stand near the river (forgot the name but it's near an electricity sub-station1)  to purchase their guava juice!  Well, if it wasn't me, it would either be the missus of my daughter!  We even sometimes, buy the guava juice concentrate to take home!

To be fair, I have tried other guava juices sold all along the Muar trunk road from Bukit Kangkar right up to Parit Bunga area, but frankly, none of them can beat this particular one!  I sense, every time I drink the juice, that it is made fresh every day, and perhaps any leftovers (if any!) are not kept for the next day!

And one thing I notice whenever I drop by to purchase the guava juice, the husband-and-wife couple are always smiling (genuinely!)  So, on a hot day when you buy the guava juice, I suspect that not only does the guava juice has a cooling effect on you, in addition, so do the smiles from its proprietor!  May your business continue to flourish!

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