Sunday, July 29, 2012

Durian #3 - Marble Durian Mini-Cakes

Star Q

This would be my last entry involving durians; at least for this durian season.  I made this mini-cake one afternoon when my five-year-old neighbour popped over (as usual)  When I took the cakes out of the oven, she smugly (albeit childishly)  claimed that she didn't like durian cakes!  The only cake she did like was cheese cake.  I rolled my eyes heavenwards and proceeded to offer a small slice, nonetheless.

As I expected, she scoffed the cake and remained seated at the dining table staring at the rest of the mini-cakes.  She will never admit that she was wrong, so I put a mini-cake into a plastic bag and told her to share with her siblings at home.  She gratefully took the cake and made a bee-line home, smiling like the Cheshire cat!

Actually, this is a recipe which I had used last year for my first endeavor in making durian cakes.  I only added 3/4 tsp of chocolate emulco and baked the cakes in mini silicone moulds.  

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