Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Durian #2 - Raden Galoh Durian

Star Q

Durian season is still going on strong over here, and as previously, my better half and I, literally raced against each other to prepare desserts that used durian as the main ingredient.  This dessert (which, honestly, was made a week ago!!!) can also be prepared for Iftaar.

Like I mentioned earlier, the missus and I made different desserts using durian.  This time it was her turn.  She actually made this dessert from some leftover 'Serawa Durian' and 'Pulut Kukus' (she has a knack for recycling!)  She noticed that it didn't go down well with the kids, so she did a 'Transformers' trick and, voila!, we had Raden Galoh durian (which went down a lot better!)

Incidentally, I don't have the slightest clue as to why this dessert is called Raden Galoh (at least my late grandmother on my father's side did!)   To a majority of the Malays, this dessert is called 'Kuih Seri Muka'.  So, don't be angry at me, okay!  I did not just create the name to be fancy; my granny did it (and I doubt she had any intentions of being fanciful!)

And to be honest, I don't have a clue as to the recipe for this dessert, since my better half made it.  Maybe if you ask her (through me, of course!), she will disclose it to you.  But, it's such a simple kuih, that many of us already know!   :-)


  1. Oh yes, the name caught my curiosity, LOL.
    Maybe it's some old name from Sumatra or Jawa since the name does sound like Indonesian to me.

    1. Our ancestors can be very creative! All I know is Raden Galoh is a character taken from the Javanese folk tale Panji Semerang!