Friday, July 29, 2011

Daring Durian Endeavour

A very warm hello once again to all friends who are now reading this entry.  I must admit it has been quite some time since I last wrote an entry into this blog, not because of lack of materials to write, but merely because of the lack of time.

Now that I have some time to write, since today is going to be the start of a long weekend including Monday.  And before I forget, I would like to wish al my Muslim friends happy fasting and may you get all the barakah the month of Ramadhan has to offer, Insya Allah.

My entry today is about this rather peculiar Durian Cake which I made as a way of saying thanks to one of my colleague who gave my family a whole container of ready-peeled durians.  Pn Hajah Mariya knew very well that I don't eat raw durians, which she had incidentally brought earlier for the Form 6 teachers!  So, she brought this batch especially for my wife and for me, so that I can turn it into something I would eat!

Of course, in order for me to eat the durian, I turned it into a cake; a Durian cake nonetheless, some of which I gave to my colleague.  She did ask for the recipe and I told her that she could get a hold of it in my blog; just to get her to visit my blog!  Well, for you Kak Mariya, here's the recipe!

250g butter
250g castor sugar
200g self-raising flour
50g plain flour
4 eggs
125g durian flesh, mashed

As usual, cream the butter and sugar, then beat in the eggs, one at a time.  After that gradually beat in the flour alternating with the durian flesh.  Pour into an 8-inch square baking tin which has already been greased and lined with greaseproof paper.  Bake in a 185 C oven for about 45 minutes.  Since temperatures of ovens vary, adjust oven temperature and cooking time according to yours.  Happy baking!

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  1. I'm happy to learn that some of my former students have made this blog their points of reference! I'm just happy to share :)