Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Flash Fry Puffs

Star Q

The Lazy Syndrome struck again last Sunday as this dish my attest.  I never imagined myself frying curry puffs made from puff pastry.  All this while I had always baked them!  But since I was too lazy to use the oven and I needed to eat breakfast fast due to my hunger pangs, I fried the puffs.  

Then again, my better half always argues, if one is lazy one will not achieve anything at all.  So, since I did manage to make something for breakfast, then this is not considered lazy! Haha!

Nevertheless, I am still embarrassed to publish the recipe for this dish because the filling is just ordinary filling for the normal curry puffs.  Just cut the puff pastry into squares (I used Kawanku!  They're ready 'squared'!) and place some filling on one side of the pastry.  Fold the other half onto the side with the filling.  Seal with some lightly beaten egg.

When frying, make sure that the vegetable oil used is not too hot, or the pastry will instantly burn and turn black.  This is something that I would eat only once-in-a-while! :-)

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