Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Smoked Catfish with Fingerling Aubergines

Star Q

It is during the fasting month of Ramadhan that the appetite usually becomes very choosy.  It either wants all the food that the eyes see or it becomes so choosy that it is difficult to please.  And since the body cannot replenish it's energy through food during the day, whether you like it or not, one has to eat something during the night to have energy during the day!

Honestly I am not a picky eater.  In fact for my Sahur, I only have a cup of instant oats, a glass of goat's milk and an apple!  But being the head of the household, I give in to my family's Ramadhan cravings!  Not all at once of course; only one member of the household per day! Hehe!

5 smoked catfish
10 fingerling aubergines (halved and put in water)
2 inches fresh turmeric
20 birds eye chilies 
1 turmeric leave (torn length way and knotted)
2 large 'Asam Gelugor'
500ml thick coconut milk

Whiz turmeric and chilies in a blender, then pour into a pot.  Put the smoked catfish, fingerling aubergines and coconut milk together and simmer gently until aubergines are almost tender.  Add in the 'Asam Gelugor', turmeric leaf and season with salt.  Serve hot!

P.S. I didn't have this!  I like the smoked catfish though, but I avoided it because of the thick coconut milk!  Sigh!


  1. wow, that's a lot of coconut milk, 500ml is like 2.5 coconuts.
    Yesterday I used 200ml to cook ayam masak lemak cili api and it's already quite rich for us.

    1. Wendy, negeri sembilan folks are like that. they must see the fish swimming in the coconut milk!

    2. I used 200ml pure coconut milk, diluted with another 300ml water, LOL, so the chicken was also bathing in it.

  2. As'salam

    berselera tengok lauk yang dimasak :)

    1. masa puasa tekak memang nak makan macam2 kan? ni tengah teringin nak makan lauk ni ;-)

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