Saturday, March 24, 2012

Walnut and Feta Puffs

I know it's Saturday and I had already bought a 'kuih' or two from the Saturday market this morning.  But, I just couldn't resist taking out the oven and dabble in a bit of baking.  Plus I have always wanted to make something using Feta cheese.  I knew I had a few things in the oven that I could use to make something for tea this evening!

So, after going through the fridge, I managed to find things to make my Walnut and Feta Puffs.  I knew at once that I would like them, one because they are so easy to prepare (always my first choice when I want to make something!), secondly because so few ingredients are required and finally because they don't contain any kind of meat.  Well!  Once in a while endevour without meat or fish won't hurt!  Like I said earlier, I liked them, but unfortunately no one else in the house did!  Carnivores!!!

Anyway, here's the recipe!

1 piece 30cm x 30cm store-bought puff pastry
2 large Spanish onions, sliced and caramelized
300g oyster mushrooms, roughly chopped
1 clove garlic, chopped
80g walnuts, roughly chopped
50g Feta cheese, crumbled
1tbs butter
1 egg yolk, lightly beaten

Heat the butter in a pan and saute the mushrooms until wilted.  Then add the garlic and cook until there is very little trace of moisture.  Turn off the heat and mix in the caramelized onions.  Set aside to cool completely before adding in the crumbled Feta.  Season with pepper.  Don't salt the mixture because the Feta is already quite salty.  Meanwhile, pre-heat the oven at 200 C.

Divide the pastry into four equal squares.  Take one of the squares.  Lightly score with a knife all around the pastry about 1 cm from the edge.  Do the same with the rest of the pastries.   Brush the edges of the pastries with the egg yolk.  Fill the center of the pastries with the walnut and Feta mixture.

Bake the pastries in a 200 C oven for about 25 minutes.  Serve hot!


  1. Hi SQ

    I love easy peasy recipe & this one is pretty easy. The only thing I don't have in the fridge is that feta cheese, so I shall jot down the recipe first. One thing I'd like to ask you is how do you separate the pieces of pasty? I always have trouble separating the slices 'neatly'. Do you thaw them long? mine always got stuck it me or the brand of pastry that I buy?


  2. Hi again YM. Thanks for visiting. I thaw my pastry by leaving it in the fridge 24 hours after taking it our from the freezer. I use it as soon as I take it out from the fridge! I find that it separates easily! BTW, love your Snow Pudding! Cantek sgt! I definitely don't have your patience :-)

    Thanks again!

  3. Hi there

    Thanks for replying.. I shall try & do that & see how it goes..And thanks for the kind words on the snow pudding..actually it helps that I love pudding, pasai tu la sanggup berya2 buat :)