Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Farewell Potluck for Kak Limah

Today saw another potluck session for yet another senior teacher and old friend (no pun intended!) who will be retiring as of tomorrow.  There was a large variety of different types of food which indeed reflected the taste-bud of the person who will be retiring, that is Pn Helimah bt Ujang.

It is always a poignant day when someone whom you have known for a long time (sixteen years long!)  In fact my acquaintance with her even extended to her two of her three children whom I have taught.  Her eldest son, who is now studying in Universiti Utara Malaysia, was one of my students until form 6.  I taught her second son when he was in form 3.  However, I did not have the pleasure of teaching her third and youngest son.

Anyway, Pn Helimah bt Ujang or Kak Limah as she is more affectionately known, will be remembered for her high level of patience.  In all the sixteen years I have known her, rarely has there been a situation where she would actually get angry at the students or her friends.  I guess her patience and tolerance is reflected in her slow and steady gait and the soft-spoken manner in which she speaks.

Personally, I am not a very patient person.  But with the retirement of Kak Limah, I hope I can at least be as patient as Kak Limah has been, if not more.  Enjoy your retirement Kak Limah, and may Allah bestow upon you countless blessings, including health, long life and many grandchildren!

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