Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Something to Hide

Sellers will do anything to ensure that their goods are bought by customers, especially unsuspecting ones.  Some, of course use more devious ways than others and seem quite inconspicuous to the customers!

I have always put a great trust on the people who sell their goods.  By that I mean that these people usually have my trust in displaying and selling the best of their produce!  If I go to a supermarket and the produce, fruits for example, are prepacked, I will not show any signs of irresponsibility of opening the packaging and pinching the fruits (which, unfortunately, some people do!) to ensure that they are fresh! 

And it is this trust that is sometimes taken advantage of by the sellers.  One of the devious ways practiced by them is to cover the flaws on the fruits and pass them off as good quality ones.  As in the case of the apple in the picture (I bought ten for RM12.00!), the label for the apple was conspicuously put at the bottom of the apple.  Labels are usually stuck where buyers can see them easily.

Anyway, being a trusting customer (too trusting for my own good!) I bought this particular apple!  When I got home I found out the labels was used to cover a small flaw in the apple.  Small is not the issue, but the most important thing is the trust I put on the seller and the level of honesty the seller should have to his customer!

Will I start pinching apples in the future to test for their freshness?   I guess not!  But I wish pinching would be enough to test sellers' honesty!

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