Monday, March 19, 2012

Fruit Tartlets for the In-Laws

My in-laws had called earlier that they would be dropping by our house today.  After discussing with the missus, we decided to make my now famous (haha! famous among my school colleagues; that's it!)  And since today is a school day (the first after a week-long holiday!) I decided to prepare some of the basic necessities a day earlier.

I used the basic dough recipe for the tart shells and the same custard recipe I used previously.  The only thing different about today's fruit tartlets is the presence of some Cape Gooseberries which I purchased a few days ago.  The slight tartness of the fruit makes a pleasant offset to the sweet creaminess of the custard.  

Next time I'll try to get some Cape Gooseberries and maybe I'll use the 'capes' as well!

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