Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Potluck and Chit-chat!

One of the highlights of school days is the occasional potlucks that we have in the teachers' common room.  We usually have potlucks on Wednesdays considering it is co-curricular day and teachers go back late; which means they can continue eating as long as there's still food left!

Today's potluck is a bit special in the sense that it is held to commemorate one of our colleagues' last day in the teaching profession.  Pn Siti Marzian has been a regular contributor to our potlucks and it seems befitting that we held this do for her.

Of course the spread today is nowhere near compared to the dishes that she herself prepared for us but we sincerely hope that she enjoyed the food.  However, we enjoyed the food at the occasion!  There we a lot of dishes compared to desserts.  There was beef curry, chicken 'rendang', fish curry and tomato rice to go along with the dishes.

One thing I can say about the potlucks that we have here is that, we only have them every fortnight.  If they were to have it every week, all of us would have to do extra exercises to lose all the excess weight! :-)

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