Sunday, February 19, 2012

Home-made Hand-made Currypuffs

Whenever my wife and I make currypuffs, we will always finish up one kilo of flour to make the pastry.  That may sound a lot for a family of four (minus one who is now staying with her aunt!) but this is something we cannot get enough of, including myself!  I personally can eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between!    In fact, we even freeze half of the currypuffs to be fried and consumed on a later date; which incidentally, is another reason why we make such a huge batch!

Even though they are nice to nibble on, making them is quite a tedious task; from the making of the filling, to the making of the dough, to the rolling and filling and crimping and finally frying of the puffs.  It is even more time consuming when you do everything by hand, like we do.  No gadgets to make work easier!  Even though the result may not turn out uniform, it is always satisfying to be able to do things from scratch!  So, let's start from scratch then!
  • 1 kg plain flour
  • 400g margarine (I used Planta margarine)
  • Tepid water mixed with a little salt

First make the filling as per the one for Vol-au-vent of Love, but omit the petit pois, celery and carrots.
Rub the flour with the margarine until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.  Add enough water to bind and knead for about two to three minutes.  I never set the dough aside to rest!  I immediately roll it out and cut round shapes merely using the rim of a glass.  Fill about one teaspoon of the filling onto one side of the pastry disc, then fold up and crimp the edges (this is the part I enjoy doing the most!)  Once all the dough has been used up (with leftover filling to snack on!) you can start frying a small batch until golden brown, if you cannot wait to eat them later (we never can!)

If you want to eat them on a later date,  slightly fry the currypuffs (until the pastry turns white!)  Then cool thoroughly, arrange in plastic wraps and freeze for up to a month.  Defrost before frying!

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