Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bread-based Cook-off Fun!

Today's entry is specially dedicated to the Bread-based Cook-off held by the Form six's Scouts Unit as one of their many co-curricular activities other than camping, jamboree and gadget-making.  This competition has been held for three years now, and has been a much waited activity among the members and teachers alike.

Members were encouraged to use their creativity in creating new dishes (as far as possible) using the ordinary sandwich bread.  Originally Scouts have their cook-off during camping when they only use ingredients that are long-lasting, usually dried or canned food.  

But in this competition they are allowed to use even fresh produce like cucumbers and chili, both as garnish and part of the dish.  

Of course, they were divided into several groups of four or five members each.  Marks for the competition were given based on the originality of the creation and creativity in using bread as the main ingredient of the recipe, the way the dish and table are set and presented, and definitely the taste.

Suffice to say, cooking was not given much focus, even though it was a competition, because the main order of the day was the students, and teachers, had fun during the activity!

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