Sunday, December 18, 2011

Gifts For The Groom

The theme for this set of gifts was gold!  However, I had to offset the glitter of too much gold with some soft yellow and white.  Of course the main trimmings for any wedding gift decorations would be the ribbons and for this I used a couple of sizes of ribbons including the ones with the wired edges to ensure that the ribbons remain puffed up when arranged on top of the gifts.

The bride had also decided that the pedestals on which the gifts would be placed ought to be square(ish), which made putting the gifts on top a bit more challenging.  I decided to put the floral arrangements on one corner of each of the pedestals and using the gifts to cover the other three quarter part of the pedestals which were empty.

The bride also requested a place (or 'tepak') on which the ring for the groom would be put.  It was a last minute thought for me to come up with something to match the other gifts.  The initial one was rather simple, but adding ribbons and some crystals around the base, made it look more presentable.  I am happy to note that the relatives from the grooms side were all smiles when told that were allowed to take the decorated pedestals home with them, and not just the gifts as is normally the custom.  Here's wishing, may the bride and groom live a long and happy life together!

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