Friday, December 23, 2011

Fried Glass Noodles

My kids are currently crazy about anything that has to do with glass noodles!  Last week I made Glass Noodle Salad and that triggered their memories about the dish I used to make many months ago using this ingredient.  Actually, I saw this recipe being prepared by a cook at a Chinese restaurant and so I decided to replicate it at home and to my surprise, the kids loved it.  I guess they like it because of the texture of the glass noodle is a bit chewy compared to vermicelli.  Kids love chewy things I guess, so I made this for breakfast :-)

Simple ingredients actually!
250g glass noodle, soaked overnight
200g wood ear fungus, soaked overnight, and trimmed
5 stalk spring onions, cut into 1 inch length
5 cloves garlic, chopped
1 large white onion, chopped
500ml chicken stock
300g chicken meat, cut into bite-sized pieces and marinate with 1 tbs oyster sauce and a dash of pepper.
1 tbs chili paste
soy sauce and pepper to taste

First saute the onion and garlic then add in the chili paste and the marinaded chicken pieces (including the marinade).  Add in 500ml of stock and the wood ear fungus.  Once the stock is boiling and the chicken is cooked, season with soy sauce and pepper before putting in the glass noodle.  Toss the glass noodle to evenly coat with the sauce.  Finally add the spring onions, toss a few more times and turn off the heat.  Serve hot or warm.

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