Saturday, October 20, 2012

Smoked Catfish with Tapioca Shoots - DKKD#3

Star Q

This is another recipe using yet another part of the tapioca which we planted in the small patch of land in front of our house.  After the Tapioca Cake recipe using the tuber of the plant, this time is a recipe using the tapioca shoots.

The recipe uses smoked catfish (known locally as Ikan Keli Salai)  The recipe is very similar to the one for Smoked Catfish with Fingerling Aubergines.  The only difference here is you replace the aubergines with the tapioca shoots (and I added two stalks of lemon grass, pounded or blitzed in a blender)

The only thing you need to do is take about a small bunch of tapioca shoots and boil them in salted until tender.  Once tender, drain the shoots and leave to cool (unless you have asbestos hands like Nigella!)  Once cool, squeeze as much water from the shoots as possible and cut into one inch lengths.

I usually like to put the prepared tapioca shoots early on in the cooking process but you can put it in later as it is already cooked.

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