Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Moved Office..... Again

Star Q

Okay.  This entry is definitely not about food!  But it does have something to do with one of my tiny corners.  In this case the tiny corner is in the teachers' common room in school.  In my seventeen years here, this is the fourth room that I have moved into; in other words changed teachers' common room.  

This new room is not actually new because it was built before Malaysia's independence (yes, it's that old!) and has been 'abandoned' for two years.  And since the enrollment for six former grew by almost three folds this year, the move was inevitable!

You can imagine the condition of a two-year old abandoned pre-independence building.  There was much to do including painting over the walls and repairing the wiring and moving in the furniture.  My colleagues were happy to just settle in but I had other ideas.

I hired someone to put up the rails for some curtains I had salvaged (and persuaded my better half to wash!) and bought hooks to put up the curtains.  I bought some linoleum to put over the sad looking teachers' tables.  And I installed the metal book racks and arranged the many books on the shelves.  I also rearranged all the plates, glasses and what-nots (for potluck!) into a well-hidden corner (sic!)

And after all that work (actually just a summary of it!), voila, my tiny office corner is finally ready.  Plus it looks a bit more hospitable!

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