Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Retirement Potluck by Ph Hjh Hazimah

Star Q

It was another potluck session this morning!  But this time around, the brunch which consisted of 'Soto Nasi Impit' was sponsored by the person who is going to retire!  Strange!  Usually other colleagues would hold a potluck for a friend who is retiring!  However, over here it works both ways and we eat twice!

Actually I just dropped by the canteen to have a peek at the food which was served for brunch this morning. I didn't actually take anything because I had already had some Soto (or the likes) for dinner at home yesterday.  So, I only dropped by to snap a photo so that I could make this entry!

Well, for Pn Hjh Haziman who will be retiring in November this year, here's hoping that you have a fulfilling retirement with lots of happy things to do to keep you occupied.  Let's not be strangers when we meet after your retirement!

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