Sunday, June 17, 2012

What Father's Day?

Star Q

This year's father's day has come and gone.  With all the hype the media has made about this day, father's day didn't really turn out as it was expected to be.  Television ads carried wishes by local artists to their dads and the newspapers carried stories about father/son/daughter relationships.  Even magazines carried special articles and recipes to celebrate the day.

After driving to Kuala Pilah to fetch my daughter on Friday, followed by a long trip to UPM on Saturday to get my son's things, I was pooped!  Oh, and before that I sent my daughter off to MARA College in Seremban for a tuition on Chemistry!  From UPM, it was a short stop at AEON Seremban (used to be Jusco!) for lunch.  I surprised myself, because a stop there has never been short!  But, this time it was!

Then it was another long drive back to Gemas.  I was totally drained.  All the plans I had made earlier to bake a special cake (for father's day!) and prepare Chicken Opor and Rice Pillau (again for father's day!)  were not meant to be!  All the activities the days before had totally left me without any energy to do all the things I wanted to do.  Preparing something special for my own special day may sound pathetic, but I always say if you don't make yourself feel special, don't expect anyone else to!

Anyway, I tried to console my shattered ego by imagining that the sushi thingy that my daughter bought (which I paid!) was to celebrate father's day because AEON was thoughtful enough to stick a small 'I Love Dad' logo at one corner of the packaging!

Has father's day really come down to this?  Well, Insya Allah, there's always next year!

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