Friday, June 10, 2011

Weddings and Things

I've made a few gift arrangements especially weddings, namely weddings of relatives.  Well, it all started many years back when my wife and I were dabbling on making small flowers to decorate some neighbours wedding gifts.  Of course, things did not take off full flight from there (it still hasn't and I have no big intention on such an endeavour!) but close relatives have relied on our so-called abilities ever since.

This simple collection was made for my wife's nephew (her sister's son!) who got married sometime back.  He requested that we made something simple because the gifts would be from the groom to the bride and it wouldn't be appropriate if the groom's gifts overshadowed the gifts from the bride's side.  Of course, the only exception he made was the pink colour theme because his then wife-to-be really like the colour pink.

Of course, one of the more traditional gifts that both sides would exchange is the gift of beautifully arranged betel nut leaves.  I for one do not see any practical function of these bitter leaves, except that it was once customary for people who descend upon other's homes to bring these leaves and offer them as a friendly gesture before actually bringing up the subject of marriage.

Well, betel leaves or not, people still get married.  And gifts will continue to be an integral part of the ceremony!

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  1. Am now in the midst of making another set of gifts for my wife's niece who will be getting married this November! Wait for the pics in a future entry :)