Monday, June 6, 2011

Cards from the Heart!

It's that time again folks!  It's time to start making cards once again starting with a few samples for my sister who will be celebrating her birthday next month!  I know it's still a long way, but like I mentioned in the opening of this blog, this one of the little things I like to do when I have nothing to do.  And right now I have some time on my hand.  How better to keep me occupied but by making some cards of my own.

I don't have any particular theme when making my cards but I thought this time, since this sister is special to me, I've decided to include some of our favourite pictures as part of the card which I imported from my Picture Files.  Of course, using on-line applications helped a lot too!

And since this sister is a special person, I decided to make two cards so that I could choose the one I feel is the best to represent my sister.  Of course, if I can't choose one, I will probably send her both the cards that I have made.  After all the cards are for her birthday!

And, oh yes, I have made these cards to fit the commercially sold envelopes because I am afraid the postal services may not send my cards to my sister if they feel that my personalized envelopes do not fit their postal standards.

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