Monday, June 6, 2011

Terrific Turmeric

This is another versatile herb that I plant in my small garden patch which always find its way into my cooking pot and somethings used as traditional medicine.  I call it a versatile plant because every part of this plant can be used.

The leaves, when shredded finely, can be used in dishes like the ever popular "Beef Rendang" or "Masak Lemak Telor Itik".  As a whole piece of leaf, it can be used to wrap seasoned fish and roasted over charcoal fire.  The turmeric, which is the root part of the plant, is also usually used to both colour and flavour dishes.

As an alternative medication for ailments, the turmeric is known to be used to reduce high blood pressure and it also finds its way in the form of medication for ladies who have just given birth.

Planting it is such an easy thing to do that anyone can do it.  Merely take an old turmeric root, one that has sprouted young shoots, dig a shallow hole in the ground, cover and water it, and wait a few weeks.  Before long, you will be able to use the first leaves of the turmeric in your cooking.

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