Saturday, November 15, 2014

Lelapan : My Version

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During the second half of this year I was fortunate enough to have been asked to attend three phases of courses which enabled me to get to know a couple of interesting people from the different states in Malaysia, including some very interesting individuals from Sarawak.

To some, the courses which took a total of three weeks altogether can sound a bit extended but the opportunity to get acquainted with the other course participants was an experience that could not be exchanged with any amount of money; in short priceless.  And three weeks getting to know each other, some how lead us to talk about a very universal topic, that is food.

One of the food introduced to me is Lelapan.  I made my own deduction that the name of the dish meant that there is supposed to be eight different items to be eaten with rice.  The main item in the dish is normally fried catfish (I changed it to grilled catfish), with sambal belacan as accompaniment, along with six other items usually fresh ulam.

For my version of Lelapan I used ulam local to the place where I am staying.  The dish is indeed a very healthy one which I guess is the reason why all Sarawakians, especially my acquaintances during the course, have very smooth and clear facial complexion.  Note to self, time to eat more Lelapan!

There's no recipe for this dish which is served with white rice..  I had the following items in my version :
  • One grilled catfish
  • A few slices cucumber
  • Some iceberg lettuce
  • Some Ulam Raja
  • Some Ulam Pucuk Gajus
  • Some Ulam Tenggek Burung
  • Some Sambal Belacan
  • Slice of lemon (or Kalamansi, which I didn't have)

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