Monday, July 15, 2013

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Star Q

Happy Ramadhan to all friends who are observing the one month of fasting beginning early this month.  Once again, one of the most talked about topics which get tongues wagging is the topic of food; what to prepare to entice the taste buds of the whole family!

 For my family, one of the dishes that will get them to the dining table immediately is chicken rice, especially Hainanese Chicken Rice.  I guess it is all due to the flavoursome rice which is cooked using the stock that was used to boil the chicken.  The stock, of course, has to be seasoned well so that it can serve both as the cooking liquid for the rice and the soup.

We also like our Hainanese Chicken Rice with a side of fried Kailan which is simply fried with some garlic and oyster sauce; nothing more.  The chilli sauce is merely red chillies, garlic, young ginger and kalamansi juice blended together, plus some sugar and salt for seasoning, plus a drop of toasted sesame oil.

The cooked chicken is simply marinated with some thick soya sauce, oyster sauce and some toasted sesame seed oil.  Plus the usual side of tomatoes and cucumber slices.  And, the rice has to be made into balls to give it an authentic Hainanese feel.  

There's yet a few more weeks of Ramadhan.  Maybe, we'll have another round of Hainanese Chicken Rice.

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