Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tiramisu Times Two

Star Q

Okay, I have to admit I made this some time back.  I have finally had the chance to complete this entry, one, because I really need a break from what I am doing now; and two, this entry is a long time coming.

My first attempt on making Tiramisu was my cheats version where I used cake instead of ladyfingers.  I recently managed to get my hands on these biscuits at my local shop selling bakery ingredients.  After having made the almost original version of Tiramisu, I must say that I prefer the looks (and taste!) of my Cheat's Tiramisu.

Nevertheless, it was worth making the one using the ladyfingers if only to find out the difference.  The only difference in the making procedure as compared to my Cheat's Tiramisu is, you dunk the biscuits in the coffee (then layer it with the cheese mixture as usual)

Note :  This time I didn't use cocoa powder to decorate.

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