Saturday, December 8, 2012

Caramel Cake/Kek Karamel

Star Q

I know, I know!  The craze for this cake, which started two months or so back, has almost fizzled out by now.  The first time it appeared on the net, everyone, expert and novice cooks alike, jumped into the bandwagon to make this cake.  But not me.  Why?

Firstly, I confess that I was a bit intimidated by the sheer beauty of the cake.  Secondly, after reading through the methods for making this cake, I felt a rush of skepticism.  To be frank, I prefer cakes that are easy to prepare and not fiddly ones like this.  But, I eventually plucked enough courage to try and make this cake, intimidating and fiddly thought it was.

As mentioned earlier, there have been many successful attempts by cooks and bloggers in making this cake, so there are tonnes of recipes for anyone to choose from as guide.  In my case, I used the recipe by Mamasya (which she shared with Kongsi Resepi)  

I personally found Mamasya's recipe to be the easiest to follow.  I made it even easier by measuring the evaporated milk that she used.  She estimated half a tin of evaporated milk.  We are lucky in a way because all the evaporated milk sold locally are in the same can size.  So, for easier (future) reference I measured the milk and found it to be 1 cup.  I also substituted the vanilla essence that she used with the same quantity of rose essence.

I am not providing the lengthy method for making this cake here, so if you happen to be interested please proceed to the link above.

P.S. Of late I have tried to substitute certain ingredients from recipes that I adapt, according to my taste and convenience.  I remember, Chef Michael Smith (of the Chef At Home series) saying that, once you change even one ingredient in a recipe, you have created a new recipe!

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