Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tart Buah Lagi / More Fruit Tarts

Star Q

All the kids are home and the missus had been making a lot of noise, asking me to prepare fruit tarts to use up the extra shells I had made and stocked up earlier.  I find making extra shells and storing them for future tarts is a good idea, since making them is quite fiddly.

I told the missus and the kids that I was too lazy to go hunting for fruits (like I would actually find strawberries here in this town!) and that I was only going to use the ones that are already in the fridge; kiwis and green grapes!  They were okay with that, and so, the only think I had to make was the custards.  

I used the same custard recipe I used here.  Once every thing was ready, the tarts were gone in an instant, with just enough time for me to take three pictures of the tarts!

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