Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another No-Bother Order!

Star Q

It's great doing things for fun especially when it comes to cooking!  I remember reading some words of wisdom that sounds something like this : 'If you love your work, you will never work all your life!'  Well, cooking is not exactly my livelihood, but I must say I love doing it!

And the enjoyment comes many folds when you get requests for the food you make.  It is not really the order that they put for the food, but the notion that the order represents.  In my humble and modest opinion, I think that people would probably like the food that I prepare, so much so that they feel that they are worth ordering.

The orders do not exactly come my way so often, but when they do, it brings a sense of fulfillment.  There is no tiredness throughout the time I took to prepare the items in the pictures above.  In fact it helped to relieve a lot of stress.  It was even more enjoyable when I was given a free hand at decorating the cuppies!

Anyway, I was elated to hear happy and positive remarks from this friend who made the order!  That is happiness!

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