Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Reading Corner

A Humble Reading Corner
 I very seldom find time to do anything else in school except those related to teaching.  But when ever I do have some spare time at hand, I always like to add personal touches to the place I work.  Recently I set up a small reading corner for the Form 6 teachers, whose common room used to be a tiny store room.  Of course, I did the cleaning up all by myself until it became hospitable.

Reading materials for the corner I helped to establish were kindly donated by a colleague and of course, myself.  It is good to note that some of the materials I contributed have been borrowed by fellow teachers who have found the contents useful.  I also noted that children of colleagues also like to flip through the books and magazines even though they may not put the materials back neatly where they belong.  Thus the notice on the book rack!  Let's read!


  1. haha
    saye tercuri salah satu buku,tkpe kan?

  2. I'm sure you make good use of it! And don't say 'curi'. just say 'borrow'! By the way, I enjoy hudsonsaratogarecipe.blogspot!