Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lontong Breakfast for Abah!

Lontong a la Mala
Abah had already booked a train ticket back to KL at 12.00 p.m., so he told us not to bother with preparing lunch for him, since he would be having his lunch on the train.  It was nice having him here since last Saturday.  The only challenge was that we had to have a different menu for four meals every day.  However, we are happy and thankful that he was happy with the menu we prepared for him.  So, since he did not want any lunch today, we decided to prepare something heavy for breakfast that is Lontong with the works; compressed rice, thick coconut gravy with all the trimmings, 'sambal tumis', boiled quails eggs and not forgetting 'beef serunding'!  And, we were doubly happy when he had second helping of the lontong!  Nothing beats home made lontong!

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