Friday, March 25, 2011

Banana Flower Power!

Banana Flower Kerabu
I have been having this craving to eat banana flowers for almost a month now.  I have been searching to buy this elusive flower at the Saturday Market for the past three Saturdays to no avail, and I felt like I couldn't hold back my hunger pangs for this flower any longer.  However, today, lo and behold, I managed to buy one after asking about it from every single vegetable seller!  I am happy how my 'Banana Flower Kerabu' turned out and am enjoying the fruits of my labour!  Of course, I have tweaked this recipe here and there to cater to my tastebuds!

*1 banana flower, quartered, boiled until tender and
*3 medium mackerels, boiled, deboned and shredded
*10 small shallots, thinly sliced
*10 birds eye chillis, thinly sliced (more of you like it 
*1 cup instant coconut cream (I used from a carton; it 
  claims to be cholesterol free!)
*1 large 'asam keping' (or stir in juice of two limes before turning off fire)
*5 or 6 (or more!) Vietnamese mint
*a handful of rice, dry roasted and pounded until fine

Put the coconut cream, mackerel, shallots and 'asam keping' into a pot and simmer for a while.  Once the mixture boils, season to taste and put in the banana flower and chilis.  Right before serving, stir in the finely ground dry roasted rice and the Vietnamese mint; goes well with hot plain rice and fried fish!

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