Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cheese Tartlets

Star Q

There are some things I make only during special occasions.  Some I make only when there is a special request by someone, especially when you only get to see that certain someone once in a while,say every six months or so.

So, it was upon the request of my second daughter who came back for a short holiday recently that I made these Cheese Tartlets, yet again.  Actually this daughter of mine can't get enough of anything cheesy.

Even though, I always find making these small tarts quite troublesome, and the fact that I can be a bit impatient to see the end result of the things I make,I usually oblige requests especially those made by my family members.  And for this batch, I decided to try a different design on top of the filling to show that I made these tartlets from the heart!

The recipe is similar to the ones in an entry before this.

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