Monday, May 27, 2013

Inferno - Cooking Can Wait!

Star Q
iii.  The Relief

Finally!  Finally!  After a long wait since his last novel, I finally got my hands on Dan Brown's latest novel titled Inferno!  And guess what!  I got it on hardcover because I simply cannot wait for the paperback version to come out, which usually takes months after the hardcover version has been launched!

I now have a good book (if his previous books are anything to go by, albeit the recent reviews of this novel) to cuddle up to.  In fact when it comes to a good book, I don't usually wait for any free time to cuddle up and start reading; I can read while I eat, one the phone talking with someone or even while watching television!  The term 'unputdownable' immediately comes to mind!

The urge to read this novel is even more so when I think of the task which I gave my new batch of lower six students right before the holidays.  I told each and everyone of them to get their hands on a novel and start reading.  So, what better way to show good leadership through example!

And with all these excuses to read this book, cooking can wait!

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