Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Not Homemade

Star Q
iii.  La Sopresa

Okay!  I'm guilty!  We're only just into the second week of Eid, but there are days when I simply cannot get myself to get up early to prepare food to fill my lunch box.  Sometimes I find it difficult to wake up early simply because I had to sleep late the night before and also because sometimes I feel to too lazy to take out the frying pan in the morning and prepare food from scratch.

So, unashamedly today I opted for something fast in the form of fast food.  Since I didn't have anything for my lunch box today, I decided to buy something that would accommodate me for breakfast and lunch; one which would last me at least until 6 p.m.

As you can see from the picture, this was my brunch for the day.  Honestly, I can't remember how long it has been since I had this.  I've actually lost count of the number of years; yes, years!  In reality, I suppose this one would last me for quite some time too.  It will be a few more years before I sink my teeth into another one!  Until that time, I'll enjoy this!

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