Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sometimes Simple Is Best

Star Q
Ever get te feeling that you simply just don't know what to prepare for lunch or dinner for your family?  Ever had that feeling that you at a loss for ideas even though you have a long list of recipes in your repertoire? Well, there is bound to be one of those days!

On a day like this, it is always best to keep things simple with maybe just one type of green vegetables, say fried mustard leaves with a dash of oyster sauce.  And then a side of salted Spanish mackerel fried with some sliced chilies and onions.  Followed by another side of salted fish fried with some bids eye chilies.  And to round things off, a simple omelette without the trimmings; just eggs and salt!

These dishes may well be simple fare but when paired with a plate of hot rice straight from the cooker coupled with a hungry stomach and a big appetite, they beat all the gastronomic concoctions that five-star restaurants and Michelin star hotels can possibly serve you, because nothing beast simplicity!

And after the month long of Eid Mubarak binging at countless open houses followed by kenduris and wedding receptions, simple dishes are not only considered more than welcome but a must have!  At least I think so because that was what I had!

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