Saturday, February 16, 2013

Nasi Lemak Berlauk / Coconut Rice with Sides

Star Q

I just got back from visiting my dad in KL.  It's been nearly six months since we met; the last time was during last year's Eid Fitri.  A lot of things had been cropping up every time I made plans to visit him, but such is the situation in a teacher's life.  In fact, the school administrator suggested that we come back to work last Wednesday even though our school has got an extended one-week holiday for Chinese New Year.

But my missus' advise that we not postpone the visit encouraged me to ignore (only because it's the holidays) the callings of my school administrator!  After all, this is my dad we're talking about here.

Anyway, on the last day of our visit, my wife and I decided to prepare something heavy for breakfast which dad could also take for lunch, since we would be leaving for home at around 10 a.m.  We decided to cook coconut rice with all the trimmings!  We made Prawn Sambal, Lemon Grass Fried Chicken and Fried Veggie, plus the usual hard-boiled eggs and sliced cucumbers.

Since coconut rice is such a ubiquitous dish amongst Malaysians, I'm sure there is not much to share as far as the recipes go.  Anyway, if the need arises I will be more than glad to share :-)

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