Thursday, July 14, 2016

Lontong Mudah

Star Q

Okay, for this entry I am not attaching the recipe because Lontong itself consists of different types of dishes to make it complete; or as linguists would say, the whole is made up of the sum of the parts, or something to that effect!  Hence, too many recipes to give in one entry!

It has indeed been a long time since we made Lontong in our household, mainly because our children do not like it.  In fact I am the only one who likes Lontong a lot, so I always lose out when it is put to a vote as to which dish to cook.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier Lontong consists of many different parts, the main ones being the nasi impirt (rice cakes), the sambal tumis, the serunding (chicken or beef), the rendang (again chicken or beef) and the kuah lemak.  The kuah lemak alone has a gamut of ingredients including cabbage, carrots, beans, plus tofu and tempeh (the last two I omit)  And these topped off with a sprinkling of shallot crisps.

However, as with other traditional dishes, the accompaniments that go with the Lontong vary from one state/district to another.

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