Monday, July 18, 2016

Ikan Bakar Ramadhan

Star Q

The name Ikan Bakar Ramadhan (Ramadhan Grilled Fish) is a suitable name for this dish given that I actually made time to prepare it, considering the fact that it is quite difficult to prepare; as far as I am concerned.

But I prepared it anyway because ever since the beginning of this years fasting month I have been craving for the ikan bakar (grilled fish) they usually sell at the Ramadhan bazaar.  I was however disappointed because not only was there only one stall selling grilled fish, which gave me no choice at all, but also, secondly, even though it was the only stall, the lack of cleanliness put me off from purchasing anything from the stall.

So, with the huge craving to have some grilled fish, I decided to make some myself.  And after scouring the internet, I came upon this recipe from resepibonda.  The finished product tasted something like what the grilled fish at the Ramadhan bazaar would have tasted, but with the addition of the kaffir lime leaves, it tasted even better.

  • 4 medium sized mackerel, cleaned
  • 15 pieces dried chillies, de-seeded and soaked
  • 5 shallots
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1/2 tsp shrimp paste granules
  • 4 tbs cooking oil
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 kaffir lime leaves, shredded
  • 3 Kalamansi limes, halved
  • 4 pieces banana leaves
  • 4 tooth picks

In a blender, blitz the chillies, shallots, garlic and shrimp paste until a smooth paste.  Heat the cooking oil in a wok.  When the oil is hot, saute the blended ingredients.  Fry until the oil comes to the surface and the chili paste turns a shade dark.  Add sugar and salt to taste.  Dish out and set aside to cool completely.

Warm the banana leaves over the flames of the stove to make it more pliable.  On a piece of banana leaf, place a quarter of the cooked chili mixture.  Place two mackerels onto the paste and top the fish with another quarter of the chili mixture.  Fold the banana leave to cover the fish completely and secure the ends with toothpicks.  Repeat process with the other two mackerels.

Heat 1 teaspoon cooking oil in a non-stick frying pan.  Place on banana leaf parcel into the pan and allow to cook for ten minutes; 5 minutes on each side.  To serve, squeeze some Kalamansi lime juice onto the fish and sprinkle with some shredded kaffir lime leaves.

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