Friday, August 26, 2011

Pretty Pudding in Pink!

Fasting means to abstain from consuming food from dawn to dusk but it does not mean one cannot talk about it.  This is the thing that happens every month; when we can't eat food, we talk about it.  And in the process many recipes are exchanged between friends especially those that can be tried for Iftaar.  I am no exception because, since custard pudding is not my forte, I asked a friend for the recipe of this particular pudding which she made for one of our teachers' potlucks!  Of course, I tweaked the recipe here and there to cater to my own taste.  Luckily it turned out okay.  The only setback was it turned out pink!  Well, who cares about the colour as long as the taste was marvellous.  Thanks Fauziah and Faezah for tthe original recipe.  Here's my tweaked version!

4 cups plain water
1 cup granulated sugar
3/4 cup cornflour
1 tin evaporated milk
1 tin fruit cocktail
1 packet powdered jelly (20gm)
1 large bottle yogurt drink (I used mango flavoured!)

Boil water, powdered jelly and sugar together.  Mix cornflour with the syrup from the fruit cocktail and the evaporated milk and add this to the sugar syrup stirring continuously until mixture thickens.  Cover bottom of a dish with half of the fruit cocktail and slowly pour the mixture into the dish.  Leave to cool then put in the fridge to set for a few hours.

To serve, cut the pudding into manageable sizes, put into a serving bowl and serve with more fruit cocktail poured over with some yogurt drink!

P.S.  You can tell this is not my recipe because most of the measurements are in CUPS! :)


  1. actually saya mmg jarang sgt wt pudding. tp, thanks to dua orang cikgu STAR anak2 Shamsuddin yang share resipi dgn sy. Cikgu Faezah Shamsuddin bagi kat cikgu Fauziah Shamsuddin. Dia pulak bagi kat sy. (Sy pulak share dgn org lain! Haha!)