Friday, August 12, 2011

Lip-smacking Lasagna

I have always had cravings for lasagna and have on one or two occasions satisfied them by having instant ones offered at a certain fast-food restaurant.  Even though the lasagna they had on the menu was seafood lasagna (I was shocked when I had it the first time!) I managed to swallow the layered pasta because of my craving.  I gave in to having instant and unsatisfactory lasagna only because I was too lazy to make one my own.

Well, the day finally came when my children decided that they too wanted some lasagna for lunch and I knew going to that fast-food restaurant would, firstly, take up a driving time of two hours to and back.  And secondly, it was cost me a small fortune to order lasagna for four!

So, once again, out of necessity, I decided to make my own lasagna (not that I have never made one before!)  But the version I decided to make was a vegetarian one, using two types of mushrooms to replace the meat!  See if you like the recipe.  If you do, be my guest and try it!
8 pieces of pre-cooked lasagna

For the sauce:
400g fresh button mushrooms, diced
400g fresh oyster mushrooms, diced
1 onion, diced
1 tsp dried Italian herbs
2 large tins diced Plum tomatoes
4 fresh tomatoes diced
3tbs olive oil
Heat the olive oil in a roomy pan then saute the onions followed by both the mushrooms.  Next add in both the tomatoes and let simmer for a few minutes until sauce thickens.  Sprinkle in the herbs, season to taste and set aside to cool.
For the white sauce/bechamel (my super simple version!):
500ml fresh milk
1tbs all purpose flour
pepper and salt to season
(boil while constantly whisking the ingredients until thick and set aside to cool)

Assembling :
Put a layer of the mushroom sauce at the bottom of a casserole.  Put a layer of the lasagna pieces, followed by the mushroom sauce and the white sauce.  Repeat the layers at least three times ending with a layer of the mushroom sauce.  Spread some grated Parmesan cheese and cubes of mozzarella.  Bake in a 180C oven for about half an hour or until the mozzarella has melted and the top has browned slightly.

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  1. My apologies to the fastfood giant, PH, but my lasagna is far more superior than yours (in all modesty!); if you can even call it that!