Saturday, April 9, 2011

Can I Have Some of Your Lilies?

 I have been nurturing this lily species for quite some time now.  The row of bulbs I planted a few months back are presently flowering profusely, much to my delight.  To tell you frankly, not all the flowers and plants I have in my small garden were bought from nurseries; in fact, most of them were given to me by friends all over the place.

This flower in particular was given to me by one of the cleaners in a school where I was invigilating.  I was taking a breather from my duty, walking around the examination hall taking in the sights, when I chanced upon this small pot crowded to the brim with lily plants, the bulbs protruding from the soil.  I was so fascinated by the shades of pink of the flower that I braved myself and asked the cleaner for one lily bulb.  To my delight, she gave me ten lily bulbs! 

This lily flowers continuously, but in this tropical weather of ours, the blooms don't last for more than two days. However, I am enjoying the fruits of my labour; or in this case the blooms of my labour!

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